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    Recurring Donations

    We make it incredibly simple for your members to support your organization year after year.

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    Fundraising Campaigns

    Inspire Deeper Commitment. Motivate Greater Giving.

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    Incentive Products

    We Know What Motivates People To Action.

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    Membership Programs

    There Are Only Two Ways For You To Grow. We Help You Do Both.

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Why choose us?

We Design

Solutions are unique to each organization. We taylor programs specifically you.

We Analyze

To achieve success, you must gather and interpret your data.

We Adapt

We have your back as your needs change over time.

We Get Results

Our programs have proven success over the long haul.
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  • We build lasting donor retention

    RSF Member Services serves a singular purpose; helping you gain more loyal members and increase your donation revenue. We provide turn-key and component fund raising campaigns, membership growth and retention programs, and donor campaigns and programs along with astute consulting services.
    • Increase revenue
    • Increase retention
    • Gain valuable donor insight
    • Innovate fundraising programs
    • Engage donor base
    • Improve decision making efficiency

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  • We support you

    Our job is to make your life easier. We know a "one size fits all" approach does not work, so we're open to build an effective program just for you.
    • Affordable services
    • Adaptable programs
    • Easy implementation
    • Consultants available at your request
    • Contact us online anytime

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What We Do


Recurring Donations

Supporting your organization every year has never been easier.

Incentive Products

Entice your loyal supporters with products that will increase your average donation.

Membership & Donor Programs

Our customized programs are built to fit your specific organization.

Data Analysis

We respond to the data and can adapt on the fly.


There is no universal solution. We help build models that work for you.

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps offer a unique way to enhance the engagement of your members.

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Our Values

There is no one universal solution. We evaluate the specific needs of your organization to build the most effective program or product.

Our goal is to work effeciently to provide precise solutions to grow your business.

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